• How to get your race online

What is sport2400.com?

Livesportonnet.com is a website that will give you a lot of live sport you can not see at regular TV-channels. We are a team of people who have worked in many years with venueproductions on everything from the Olympic Games to the smallest sporting events. Through these years we have built up a lot of experience and we have now joined forces with a TV-company.

At some events the venueproduction is so good that it also deserves to be sent out to the people not attending at the venues. We are specialists in sports like skiing, biathlon, cycling, orienteering and running, but we will also transmit other sports.

This is not a production of full TV-quality at all venues, but it is the venueproduction with the announcers on site and the same pictures we are delivering to the audience at the venue. We sometimes also link to other livesport-events that are free on the internet.

It’s important for us that the events shall be free to see at our site.

How to get online?

We are transmitting the events where we are able to guarantee the quality of the venueproduction. Sometimes we do it ourselves and other times we are using people we know can to it in a good way. We do have a list of qualified announcers, producers and technicans in several different countries.

Normally the organisers pay for the production or we make a co-operation where we help you to finance it through sponsors and partners. Today it’s more and more common that organisers have a bigger venueproduction on their budgets.

We can offer you from a 2- or 3-cameraproduction without anything more than a transmission on the internet to a full 5- or 7-cameraproduction with videoboard, sound, graphics and crew at the venue.

This is anyway fair under the price of a full TV-production and the reach with a free internet is way beond what any TV-channel can offer. You will reach all people in the world connected to the internet!

If you do not have the possibilities to do TV-productions from your event, we do also have the possibilities to transmit the voices of the announcers with liveresults on the site.


If you are interested, contact some of these people and we give you and offer for you event(s):

Manager: Kjell-Erik Kristiansen, kjellerik@me.com, +47-46542820

Technical director: Pål Westby, p@westby.no, + 47-91195000